dreamy summer farm wedding

it was such an honor to get to work with my sweet friend, Britt Bass on her wedding day this summer. it's always special to be trusted by a friend to doll them up on one of the biggest days of their life. now, if you don't know Britt, you need to. she is first of all, one of the kindest gals i know. but you should also know her because she is one of the most talented artists i know. if you love color, texture and shape, you will looove her paintings. i am lucky enough to have a couple of her works, and i know they aren't the last i will be acquiring. 

anywho, back to Britt and Ren's, what a picture of love and joy. i spent the day with Britt and her family and sweet girl friends and the whole time i was working, i kept thinking, "gah, i can't believe this is my job." i felt so blessed to get to do what i love for a living and then every once in a while get to work with such a lovely group.  i was also giddy to work with Britt because she wanted to do a look that was slightly outside the usual wedding day hair and makeup requests. we did some variation of a low ponytail that was really interesting in the back. and then she requested a red lip which is totally "her." but the thing that was so great about working with Britt was she was the kind of dream client that just trusts me and let's me do my thing. nothing is more inspiring and flattering than that. 

another happy piece of Britt and Ren's wedding day was getting to work with my photographer friend Paige Jones and her sweetie, Michael. these two make an incredible team and the images prove it. these are some of my favorite wedding photos. 

my husband and i got to attend the wedding and reception too which took place at a polo club near where i grew up outside Atlanta. Chukkar Farms is beautiful. as you will see in photos, it is the setting for a dream wedding. wide open space with beautiful views. rolling hills. and horses!! it was also so fun for us to attend the wedding to see the beautiful works of my sister, Meredith Mejerle. Meredith has had the joy of getting to learn from and work with the event and floral design genius Amy Osaba over the past year. this was Meredith's first wedding getting to lead the creation of arrangements and bouquets and set up. i was in awe of how beautiful everything looked. Mere did gooood. she sure is a talented lil' lady, but she sure has had an amazing teacher, that Amy. :) it is so fun when Meredith and i get to be involved with the same wedding!

yesterday, this stunning wedding was featured on Southern Weddings! horray! so enjoy looking at more of the beautiful images shot by Paige Jones and learning more about the sweet couple, Britt and Ren.