new momma makeup

I am surrounded by friends who are new moms. And around the three month mark when they go back to work or are ready to escape the house and join the world again, they start asking me about makeup routine recommendations. I know for moms with little ones and busy gals alike, they want easy, quick makeup.

Luckily, nobody needs 30+ minutes of makeup application time to look gorrrgeous. I think the priority for most women in this "new mom" category is to look like they got 8 hours of sleep. With a few products, tools and tricks, you can be out the door in under 5 minutes and look awake and rested.

recommended products and application:

momma makeup.jpg

tinted moisturizer -  A favorite of many is the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It gives sheer coverage, evens out the skin, and has SPF. Tinted moisturizers are great because they can be applied quickly with your fingers and don't require a ton of blending. Rub a dollop of product between your fingers, then start applying the tinted moisturizer in the center of the face and work outward. 

concealer - Not surprisingly, new moms battle dark circles as a result of getting less sleep than they need. So concealer to the rescue! It's amazing how brightening the undereye area can bring the whole face to life, so this product is a must. Laura Mercier makes a great concealer, Secret Camouflage. Apply thin layers of the product by patting into the skin with your finger or buffing it in with a small, dome-shaped brush. I looove the Real Techniques brushes for these types of tasks! And in terms of color, go for a concealer that is about the color of your skin on your jawline. You're a bit lighter in this area so this is a good gauge for how light you can go with concealer. Much lighter than this and you're going to look plain strange. And again, work in thin layers and only apply where you are dark. Overusing concealer can work against you.

cream blush - I am a big fan of cream blush lately. I love the way it melts into the skin and looks totally natural. In terms of colors, you can't go wrong with a pinky or rosy hue. Stila's Convertible Color has been a favorite cream blush for years and they make several gorgeous colors. Fuscia and Sweet Pea look super bright in the compact, but I promise they look beautiful once they are blended it. You can pat the product onto the apples of your cheeks with your fingers and blend up toward the temples. Cream blushes are a great multi-use product, so use it as lip color as well!

brow pencil - A lot of women won't leave the house without mascara. I won't leave the house without giving my brows some love. Brows are totally under rated when it comes to low maintenance makeup. They have the power to make you look awake and polished by simply brushing a bit of powder or pencil through. I recently learned about the Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil. Oh my goodness, these are fantastic. The colors are excellent and the texture of the pencil is perfect. Focus on the arch of the brow and make sure you maximize the length of the brows toward the outer corner--this will lift and elongate your eyes, making you appear fresh and awake. 

mascara - You're probably not surprised that I am recommending mascara since most women can't leave the house without it. But applying your mascara a certain way can really maximize the benefits. Really wiggle that mascara wand into the roots to really coat the base of the lashes--this makes the lash line seem thicker. That way you can skip eye liner. And using a lengthening formula is great because long lashes make you look bright and wide awake. Don't be afraid to do 2-3 coats on the upper lashes. I like Cover Girl Lash Blast Length

lip color - Revlon should be paying me for the number of times I have recommended their ColorBurst Balm Stain. I think I am their #1 fan. Anywho, I love these crayon-like lip balm/lipsticks that are in an array of beautiful, fresh colors. I love how they are easy to swipe on without a mirror, they are moisturizing aaaand they last! You'll probably want to buy one in every color. Which wouldn't be a bad idea because they are only about $6.

Hey, and check out this great video tutorial by one of my makeup artist idols, Lisa Eldrige. You'll probably fall in love with her yummy British accent like I have--oh yeah, and her amazing talent.