hair hair hair

one of the very best parts of my job is receiving images from a shoot. i get sooo giddy when a photographer sends me a gallery of images. i love that i have a tangible, visual result from my work, and the incredibly talented photographers i get to collaborate with make my work look that much better. recently, i was going through galleries of images on my computer and realized i had dozens of detail images of hair. not all of these images make it into my portfolio since it's sometimes difficult to see the big picture of the look, but gah, i love when a photographer has taken the time to capture my tiny piece of a shoot. so i pulled together some of my favorite hair-specific shots to share with you! i am so grateful for my work being documented by my dear photographer friends. i adore each of you, admire your unbelievable talent, and so enjoy every time i get to work/play with you. click on the photo for photo credit.