favorite tanners

This past weekend, I went to Miami with some gals to celebrate a dear friend's upcoming wedding. Approaching the weekend, I knew there would be a lot of swimsuit wearing and picture taking. I know this sounds insecure and ridiculous, but I was kinda dreading the swim suits and photos because the majority of these friends are the opposite of me: tan. And they aren't a damaged, leathery tan. They're the kinda tan that makes you look smooth, healthy and toned. (Ok, maybe they are that too.) So, I knew baking myself prior to the trip wasn't an option because A.) there's no chance of me getting dark even if i lived in a tanning bed B.) it's probably not the smartest thing for my fair skin.

Sooo fake tan to the rescue!! I have always been a fan of tanning alternatives since they came out when I was in middle school. Somehow the dirty palms and joints (ankles, knees and elbows) were better than being pale. But luckily, tans from a bottle have improved dramatically over the years. I'm most excited because I recently found one that doesn't smell like burning flesh and the color looks great! I had great luck with the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze sunless tanning lotion in "medium". I applied it every other day the week before my trip and had great results.  I didn't smell filthy and the color looks totally believable. Success! I didn't have to look sickly next to my friends!

loreal sunless tanner sublime bronze.jpg

I also have to note 2 other favorite products that I recommend to fellow fair friends that beautifully warm up the skin.

2.) Ben Nye Bronzing Body Tint - This was a recent find. I thought, I can't possibly like anything as much as my Sally Hansen Leg Makeup, but boy, this stuff sure does the trick. It looks like soy sauce in the bottle because it's a very dark liquid. I would recommend transferring the product to a spray bottle for easier, more controlled application. Unlike the Sally Hansen product, it is sheer in that it doesn't cover the skin like a makeup. It's kinda like it stains the skin, so you won't cover skin imperfections or freckles. It just gives a beautiful glow to the skin! And it is also water resistant.


1.) Sally Hansen Leg Makeup "Airbrush Legs" - Oh my gosh, this stuff is one of the best things to come out of a drug store. My best friend and I are huge fans of this product. It's excellent to use all over your body, but I especially love it for my legs. I have a never-ending battle against razor-burn, and this "leg makeup" evens out any redness and skin imperfections I may have. And great news: it's water resistant! You can totally get away with wearing it at the beach or pool. I actually will make a little concoction of the product and sunscreen when I plan to be in the sun. 

sally hansen leg makeup.jpg
ben nye bronzing body tint.jpg