shoot for CULTURED blog...Fall 2013 trends

a couple of months ago, i had the pleasure of getting to work with Dana and Blake, the incredibly talented gals behind the blog, CULTURED. their blog is inspired by fashion, lifestyle and people. the clean, laid back and polished aesthetic of everything they style and feature is right up my alley. you HAVE to follow the blog if you don't already--it is done so very well. 

our shoot back in october focused on how to wear 4 fall 2013 trends. Dana and Blake totally have an eye for how to pull together unique pieces to create a killer outfit. throughout the shoot, i probably said a dozen times "i would have neverrr put that together...but it looks so awesome!" 

so Dana and Blake styled the outfits, and i got to do the hair and makeup for our beautiful model, Ally. i showed off her gorgeous skin by going light on the foundation and having fun with glowy products that highlighted her features. her eyes were defined with a mixture of browns, bronzes and champagne-y colors and then dark black liner was smudged along the lash line. and for each look, i changed up her lips to be some variation of a nude and warmed up her cheeks as the shoot progressed.

and in terms of hair, she had a ton of it, so it was a dream to work with. for a couple of looks, i created a messy, imperfect wave. then we did a high bun/top knot for a third look and finished the fourth look with a low knot anchored at the nape of her neck. this shoot allowed me to do a lil' bit of messy and a little bit of neat, polished hair--i love both ends of the spectrum.

after getting Ally dolled up for each look, it was so fun to sit back and watch our aaaamazing photographer friend Mary Caroline Mann make magic with our model, a solid background, and a few props. MC is incredible. she has captured a ridiculous number of people and places, has amazing eye for photographing people, and has such a gentle way of working with them. I just love her use of light and dark in her images and the way her photos are more than just stunning--they evoke a lot of emotion. gah, she is one of my very favorites to work with.

so enough of my yappin'...check out some of these stunning shots... as you might guess from seeing these beautiful images, this was one of those shoots where i left feeling inspired and excited...kinda like the high you feel when you leave a really amazing concert or something. these are the kinds of shoots i need as an artist. i love every instance where i get to do what i love, but it is extra special when i get to collaborate with people i truly admire and bring out the best in me. 

How to Wear It: Fall 2013 Trends on CULTURED