bridal information

bridal services information


This is a great time for us to meet, get to know one another and most importantly, for me to get a feel for your style and the vision you have in mind for your wedding day.  I highly recommend for brides to collect hair and makeup inspiration.  It’s very helpful for me to have visual of what you like (and even what you don’t like).  My goal is to create the perfect makeup and hair for you, and the trial isn’t over until I have done so.

when to do the trial?

This is really up to you! I have learned that often times, when brides do a trial many months prior to their wedding, they change their mind about what they want. It may be best to do your trial within a month of your big day.

how long does the trial last?

To be on the safe side, I would allow about an hour and a half for your makeup trial and about that long to complete your hair trial.


I have had a lifelong obsession with cosmetics, and over the years I have established quite an extensive understanding and collection.  The products and tools that I use are just as important as the technique used to apply.  The objective of bridal makeup specifically is for it to be long lasting and to look fabulous in photos.  I know the products and tricks to do just that so you will continue to look gorgeous through your entire wedding day.  And if you’re curious, some of my favorite and most used brands are Trish McEvoy, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Stila, Laura Mercier, Nars, Make Up For Ever, Armani, Smashbox and Benefit.

additional stylist

In the case that a bridal party requires more hair and makeup services than I am able to complete on my own in the allotted time prior to the ceremony, I will partner with another makeup artist/hair stylist to make sure everyone receives the necessary attention.  Once I know the number of services needed as well as the time in which everyone needs to be ready, I can determine if a second stylist will be helpful. 

When an additional makeup artist/hair stylist is needed, my priority is the bride and anyone else that I may have done a trial for.  When I partner with someone else when working with a large bridal party, I make sure that it is someone with a lot of experience, similar style as myself and someone who everyone will enjoy being around. 

**A fee of $250 is charged for each additional stylist.


In order to give each lady the necessary attention, I like to allow approximately 45 minutes for each hair or makeup service on the day of the wedding.  I allow more time to work with the bride specifically.  And, just a quick note, that I also need approximately 20 minutes to set up my work area and about that long to clean up.


In order to ensure that the hair and makeup process goes smoothly, I would recommend putting together a schedule that designates a time slot for each hair or makeup service for each girl.  I am happy to do this for you once I am provided with each girl’s name and the requested services.  Depending on the time in which everybody must be ready for the ceremony or photos, I prefer to do the bride’s hair and makeup last so that it is freshest.


Something that I like for brides to keep in mind when planning logistics for their wedding day is the area in which we will be doing makeup and hair.  I can’t express how important it is to do makeup in a well-lit space, preferably lit with bright, natural light.  I also recommend designating a table or counter space to arrange makeup and hair products so that I am able to be organized and efficient.  A tall stool and a mirror is also a bonus.


Travel to locations within the Atlanta area is complimentary. Locations that require more than 30 minutes of driving from my door (according to Google Maps), the rate is $85/driving hour. If additional stylists are needed for a larger bridal party, travel charges may apply for them as well. Early call times and farther destinations may require a hotel room to be booked to ensure that I am able to arrive at the requested time.


Makeup and hair services for the day of the wedding must be a minimum of $1300 in order to book.  I require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of all services to reserve the day. The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to the wedding.  The check for the remaining balance will not be cashed until all services are completed on the day of the wedding.

I know that some brides will pay for all hair and makeup services for their bridal party. In other cases, bridal party members will pay for their own hair and makeup services individually.  If bridal party members pay for their own hair and makeup, I request that the bride collects all payments and submits a single payment to me.

contract/how to book

Weddings are booked on a first come, first served basis.  Once I know the total number of makeup and hair services needed for you and your wedding party the day of your wedding, I will prepare a contract for you.  After the contract is signed and I receive your deposit, the day is reserved for you!  Services may not be subtracted once the contract is signed. Deposit checks may be mailed to the above address.